Graduate FAQ's

Q.    Is the GRE exam mandatory?

A.    The general portion of the GRE exam is required for your application. GRE's are valid for five years from the date they are taken. ETS will not report GRE scores older than 5 years, so we must receive them before they expire.


  •  Institute Code: R5248
  • Department Code: 1404 or 1499
  • General test: Required
  • Subject test: NOT required
Q. Are there any additional requirements for international students?

A.    In addition to the GPA and GRE requirements, international students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 105 on the Internet-based test, 260 on the computer test, or 620 on the written test.


  • Institute Code: 5248
  • Department Code: 69

Please Note: TOEFL exams are good for two years from the date taken. After that ETS will not report the scores. Georgia Tech’s policy is that the student must get the scores sent to us by ETS before they expire. If we have them on record before they expire, we will use them for the upcoming term's application. However, if the two years have passed, we cannot get them and you would have to retake the exam.

Q. What if I sent my GRE OR TOEFL scores to the incorrect  (or another) department code, or only to the Institute code?

A.    If you had your scores submitted to Georgia Tech, all departments will have access to them.

Q. May I submit photocopies of GRE and TOEFL scores?

A.    Photocopies of GRE and TOEFL scores can be used until official scores are received from Educational Testing Service.

Q. Can you give me an idea of my chances for admission?

A.    We cannot provide preliminary evaluations of chances for admission.  The Admissions Committee carefully studies the entire application before reaching its decision. 

Q. I am interested in working for a specific faculty member. Should I send my application directly to him/her?

A.    You must apply to the School, and not a specific faculty member. Decisions regarding admissions are made by an Admissions Committee and are based on many factors.  Once accepted we encourage our students to contact several MSE faculty to begin the process of choosing an advisor.  All students must have an advisor within one month of arriving on campus.

Q. I can only attend graduate school if I receive financial aid during my studies. Is aid available?

A.    Financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistantships is available to all qualified students who are admitted to our PhD graduate program. The Assistantships will cover tuition and will provide a competitive stipend.  However, you are encouraged to seek outside fellowships (such as NSF, EPA, etc.) to help finance your graduate studies. Students admitted into the MS graduate program are not provided with financial aid. Exceptions are only possible where faculty have a specific requirement for a MS student on a research project.

Q. When will the decision be made on my application?

A.    Most of our students are admitted for the Fall semester, which begins in mid-August.  Most decisions for Fall admission will be made in March or April. To view an academic calendar visit

Q. How will I be notified if I am accepted or not?

A.    You will be informed of an admissions decision by the department first by email. If you are admitted, a formal admissions letter will be sent via email, then followed by postal mail.  Please note that acceptance into the program is not final until confirmed by Graduate Studies. Once they have made their review of your application and noted any final documents needed, they will send you notification. Acceptance is not confirmed and final until you have received both the departmental acceptance and the Institute acceptance.

Q. Is it possible to take courses on a part-time basis?

A.    Most required courses are offered during the day, and generally meet 2-3 times per week.  It is possible to take these courses and conduct research on a part-time basis. In order to qualify for financial assistance, you must be registered as a full time student, this is between classes and research.  If you choose to be part time, then no financial assistance is available.

Q. I cannot afford to pay the application fee.  Can I defer the fee until I am admitted?

A.    We understand the financial difficulties associated with applications to graduate programs.  However the $75 application fee cannot be deferred or waived.

Q. How many students are accepted each year?

A.    This number fluctuates greatly from year to year depending on the amount of financial assistance available. 

Q. Is my application complete?

A.    Due to the amount of applications we receive each year it is difficult to answer immediately. With the online application system you can check your application status.  Please see:  for instructions on how to check your status. If you have further questions email

Q. What courses are offered and when?

A.    To view the classes offered each semester visit Most courses are offered in the same semester each year. To view a history of MSE Graduate Level courses offered CLICK HERE. Most courses are offered in the same semester each year.

Q. Can I transfer from another school to your graduate program?

A. No, we do not accept transfer students from other graduate programs into Materials Science and Engineering.

Q: Can I submit my application after Dec. 15 for Fall Semester?

A.  Yes. Application review begins immediately after December 15 and will continue until openings are filled. Applicants are encouraged to submit their materials early to assure optimal consideration.

Q: Is it acceptable if my supporting materials (recommendation letters and official test scores, etc.) are received after the application deadline?

A:  Yes. However, we cannot begin to review your application until we know your test scores (you will enter your scores when you apply).  If you have not taken the GRE or TOEFL test yet, please put the date that you plan to take it on the application.  It is acceptable if we don't receive the official scores until after the deadline. We will make a decision on your application as soon after receiving the scores as is possible.

For additional information on about the MSE Graduate Program complete the request form or contact:

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