MSE Poster Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Who can print posters on the HP DesignJet Plotter?

The Plotter is for the support of research and educational activities related to MSE or for a students' degree program requirements. The equipment is not available for personal or private use.

What can I print?

Posters that are for Georgia Tech purposes only.

What size can I print?

The plotter can print up to 36 inches wide (3 feet).

What format can posters be submitted in?

Please submit your file in PDF format.

How do I submit files to be printed?

Please submit your request via the ONLINE FORM  - Login and click the 'POSTER PRINT UPLOAD' button.

What other important things do I need to know before I print?

    * There is a 48 hour (two business day) lead time needed for all print jobs
    * Preset the page sizes to 36" by X"
    * All files must have at least a 1/2 inch margin set around the entire document

   *  Please indicate glossy or matte paper

    * CLICK HERE for a sample scientific poster template including a few tips and recommendations


Contact: Mechelle Kitchings
Materials Science and Engineering
MRDC Bldg.
Room 3506